Smart Decision Making

Helping professionals make smarter and faster decisions

Take Your Decision-Making Ability
to a Whole New Level

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How to become Smart in your Decision Making

Get rid of all paralysing fears and doubts with simple, easy to follow techniques.

Sure it’s easy to decide the small things in life.
But what about the big life-changing decisions?
Many times, when making an important decision, you get stuck and confused.
Perhaps it’s too complex or there are too many factors that challenge your comfort zones.

Instead of making the right decision, you freeze and can’t make any decisions at all.
Decision-Making is an art that you can only master if you can put aside all fears and doubts.
Great decision-making is the key to living a successful life-both work and personal.

This is why you need to master the art of Decision-Making.

Summary of the Contents

1: Why is it Hard to Make Decisions?

You make countless decisions each day, however, some decisions are considerably more complicated and challenging to make.

2: The Benefits of Rapid Decision Making

Although making decisions quickly isn’t easy,
it brings along with it many benefits.

3: Why is Decision Making so Important?

Why is it so important to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively? Having strong decision-making skills is imperative.

4: Fast Decisions versus Smart Decisions 

Although making decisions quickly is important, it’s vital that speed doesn’t compromise common sense. Smart decisions are more important than simply rapid brings along with it many benefits.

5: Do Calculations or Feelings Produce the Smartest Decisions?

Making smart decisions is a delicate balancing act, calculations and information have a key part to play. However, emotions also have relevance too.

6: How to Weigh up the Basics

You know that you need to have a good balance of information and gut instinct to make a rapid decision. What skills do you need to make a speedy choice?

7: Avoiding the Fear

Fear is a huge element when it comes to decision making. Yet, avoiding that fear is essential if you’re going to make a decision and get that decision right.

8: Playing Devil’s Advocate  

Devil’s advocate is the term that we use to describe seeing both sides of a situation. It’s a vital part of effective and speedy decision making.

9: Top Tips to Help You Make Smart Decisions Fast

Every day only has 24 hours and if you’re more decisive, you can reclaim time, saving the effort and hours you spend on trying to make a final decision.

10: Living with Your Decisions

Although it’s not always easy to live with your decisions, especially when things don’t turn out the way you wanted, it’s important to work on this aspect of decision-making.

Also get three (3) bonuses:
1. Confident Choices report, audio and infographic - making the right decisions at the right time
2. Decision Making Style Scorecard - what kind of decision maker are you
3. SCAMPER technique - lateral thinking through different lenses

Master the art of Smart Decision Making

  • Make the right decisions 
  • Avoid getting paralysed with fear 
  • Take fast action 
  • Stay calm and always be motivated when making hard decisions 
  • Be more successful in your personal and professional lives 
  • Become an effective leader 
  • Be more objective and concise in decision making. 

Price is $A37 including GST

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Price is $A37 including GST