Skill: DECIsion Making

Make SMARTER & Faster Decisions

This free eBook will teach you tactics that you
can apply to your professional practice.
You will learn how to master your mindset and
apply seven decision making strategies.

This book is for professionals who struggle with making timely and effective decisions or want to be better at it.  

It will guide you through seven simple but powerful strategies that will enable you to boost and optimise your decision-making capabilities.

1. Learn recognition patterns
2. Set a time limit
3. Make a daily quota
4. Recognise whether the decision can be reversed
5. Know your ultimate objective
6. Put it into perspective
7. Think in black and white

This book does not promise to help you make the right decisions;
no book or strategy in the world can guarantee that.

This book is a quick read - less than 30 pages.